Thursday, 16 April 2009

My New Haircut

I got my haircut today and as you can see in this picture it is in a bob. I got it done by the man who works in the hairdressers close to our house. I like it but I can't put my hair up any more.
The man said in the hairdressers nobody will recognise you. Daddy do you like it? (text Mummy the answer)


  1. Gran loves it - it makes you look very grown up!
    I am sure everyone will love it when you go back to school next week

  2. Hiya Doll! What a great haircut - tres chic! I was at the hairdressers today too, but I'm not letting anyone see mine - think I might wear a bucket over my head to work tomorrow. It's not so much TOO short as hardly there. I think when I wasn't looking she used the vacuum cleaner!!!!!!!!

  3. I think it looks super, but I also think that if I have to try and blow-dry it, it might never look like that again!! Good idea to put a picture of what it SHOULD look like up on your blog!