Saturday, 7 March 2009

My Irish dancing competition

Today I was at an Irish dancing competition as you can see in the pictures. I won four medals, one was gold, two were silver and one was bronze.
These are pictures of me practicing in my competiton dress. My dance teacher lends us all one of her dresses every time there is a competiton. The embroidery on the dress is all done by a real person. I like my dress because it is very pretty.
These are my medals, I got gold for my team dance. We danced 'Sweets of May'. I got silver for coming second in my reel and second in my single jig. I got the bronze for coming third in the light double jig. My friend Anna got a cup for most pleasing and she got three medals for third place.

Monday, 2 March 2009

The Sleepover

On Saturday I had a sleepover at Graciedougs house.
We all watched Game Plan and stead up until 11 O'CLOCK!!!!!!!!!
It was really fun! In the morning I had croissant and porridge with honey.
After that Daddy, Mummy, Gran and Grandad all came over to collect Me and Michael.
It was really fun!
P.S thank-you for the card Judy :)